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Unsolicited AirDrop


Unsolicited AirDrop

Our goal: hack the phones of the most influential and creative people in advertising, at the biggest ad event of the year.
No pressure.


After getting recognition in the Cannes Lions competition (2nd place, Digital) with my AD partner Claire Zimmerman, we were sent to Cannes to soak up the sun and best ads.

We noticed there weren't any talks on the #MeToo Movement and Time's Up and were shocked. Honestly, how do you not address sexual harassment in a post-Cosby age?? After some ideating, we came up with Unsolicited AirDrop. Using the oft-forgotten feature on iPhones, we figured we could serve up an intrusive pop-up (mimicking an unwanted advance) and use it as a CTA to donate to the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund.

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And you know what? People actually accepted. Everywhere we went, we AirDropped it like it was hot. We heard people talking about it. We showed creatives who were really impressed. And we even dropped it to a TV at Facebook Beach (hack #2).

Instructions at the bottom of the site also showed people how to change their name and do Unsolicited AirDrop with us.



For just the 5 days we were there, we had 200+ unique visitors from 15 different countries--and even got some Peggy Olsons send it back to us.

work: side project (w/claire zimmerman & marina rutenberg)