You know how you have to do a little skill sampler before you get offered a job?
This was one of those scenarios.


My fun, delightful, and frequent collaborator Claire Zimmerman and I teamed up again, in hopes of getting the chance to work together again. (When you know, you know!)

We were in the last round of the interview process with a dope small agency (primary client: Nike) when we were met with the final test: a mini challenge to test our strength. Unfazed, we got to work. And it paid off! We were offered roles as a team. Our dream come true!!!

Ultimately, she took the offer, but I did not. (When you know, you know, you know?!) I later took my current role at Apple.
Here’s a concept from our deck.


Ever wanted to run a complete, closed loop in your neighborhood without much routing? Us too. Introducing Lost Mode on the Nike Run Club app, where you set your distance and hit the road, unbothered with figuring out how to get back home.

It also incorporates a local landmark on your route, so you can explore hidden gems in your city while still going 0 to 100. Use the mode enough times and unlock badges for exclusive opps, like city-specific, limited edition sneakers. Uh, yeah, I’ll run outside in the Florida swamp for that.


work: side project (w/claire zimmerman)