The Good Lemon

The Good Lemon

Can you make people be nice in the rudest city in America?
We thought so. And we did.


the lowdown

The goal was to reinvent the lemonade stand with $500. What ended up happening was a social experiment that made $1k, with all proceeds going toward the fund for Pulse victims.

How did we do it? We made it a pay it forward system. The first drink was on us, and the first customer had the choice to pay for the next person's drink or take it gratis (and break the chain). A very noticeable chalkboard recorded the number of good samaritans before them.

It was a hit. We launched an Instagram account and got Miami-based social influencers to shout us out, involved our local city council to raise awareness of our event, and even got support from local shops to offer our do-gooders a sweet discount.

Not a single person broke the chain during our two-day run.
I guess Miami isn't so sour after all. (Sorry.)


work: sapientrazorfish