Copywriter. Improviser. Paper lover. Party starter. Learn more about me, Cat Samarista, an actual potato.

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Curious. Relentless.
Just plain silly.

That's how I'd describe myself, and also why you're here. "Who is this person? Is she a qualified copywriter? Why is her hair purple?" All valid questions, and the answer is yes.

My passions are advertising and comedy, specifically improv comedy. (Don't think I'm serious? Ask me about ads over a drink, or try to convince me to do drunkprov.) 

I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube in middle school because I thought it'd be "cool". (And still know how to, btw.) I was a spelling bee and math olympics champ. I had an improv friend that told me she was going to Japan and I said, "Yes, and...I will go too."

I'd like to think I live life relentlessly. In my former boss's words: "Youโ€™re smart, unique, talented and opinionated. All great and potentially terrible qualities."

I think that about does it.


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